Research and Development

Battery and Power Source Research and Development

ETP has a long history of developing novel power supplies to meet critical mission profiles. Our power systems have been utilized in everything from micro-sensors to large satellite arrays. Our high power/high voltage experience and knowledge of the pitfalls associated with such systems, can help you mitigate potential issues.

Battery Process Development

Our extensive knowledge of the processes used in conventional battery manufacturing has led us to alternative, low cost, flexible manufacturing solutions, lowering cost and improving flexibility.

Government Contracting

Mike Eskra and ETP have a long history of receiving and managing power sources contracts from all factions of the US government, totaling more than $1B.

Specialty Battery Packaging

ETP is experienced in developing unique power solutions for demanding customers and applications.

Battery Warranty and Quality Validation Services

We are available to assist as a third party, independent source for validating product quality

Battery Modeling Services

Mathematical modeling of battery components, packaging, systems and thermal dynamics