About Us

Mike Eskra


Mike Eskra has been in the battery business since 1977, starting with Globe Union working on lead acid batteries for EV’s. He has run manufacturing facilities, R&D programs at Johnson Controls, General Motors, USABC, PNGV, USCAR, Electro Energy and his own company ETP. Mike has experience in nearly every electrochemical couple and has been involved in the development of nickel metal hydride and lithium ion and polymer chemistries. Mike started his own company in 1996 and since then he has been involved in the development of advanced batteries, processes and failure modes and effects analysis. His company has developed a completely dry process for manufacturing li-ion and other battery systems utilizing PVDF.

For the last 10 years, Mike has also been involved in the investigations of fires caused by failures of batteries, or battery systems. Mike has investigated over 100 battery related incidents, and provides consulting and expert witness services regarding battery fires and failures.

Mike is the author of numerous papers and holds several battery related patents.

Mike Eskra holds the following certifications: Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, Certified Investigator Instructor, PMP 

Paula Ralston


Paula Ralston has more than 25 years of broad, hands on experience moving products through the research and development stage into manufacturing. She was part of the teams that developed laser keratectomy (Lasik), bipolar nickel metal hydride, metal plating of nickel oxides, and solvent free lithium ion processes. She has served as Operations Manager, Research Engineer, and Program Manager for multiple U.S. Government and Military projects. 

As the Operations Manager at ETP, Paula provides day to day operational support, input on manufacturing methods and expertise in cell and battery development, as well as forensics research for battery fire cases, and testing support. 

Paula is the author of numerous papers and holds several battery related patents.